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Electronic switch Our electronic switch (S10.010) can be used as power switch with our pulse generator (P20.010 or P20.020). It´s operated by +3.3 V pulses. Switch is galvanically isolated from pulse generator and has a power supply of its own. Switch power supply is 12 V AC, but can also be supplied by a +12 V car battery or a simple +9 V battery. Our switch has a power MosFet 600 V / 38 A. Other MosFets are supported by the board. A flyback diode protects the MosFet switching inductive loads. MosFet and flyback diode are solder free mounted to the board via clamps and can be easily replaced. Board also supports implementation of snubber diodes. For isolation potenial > 480 V a discrete optocoupler can be wired to the switch. Optocoupler up to 50 kV are available.