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Highlights ultra compact design plug & play innovative control system wide range duty cycle up to 8 pulse sequences complex gating, trigger output PLL & phase shift lock integration in customer applications expandable
Functional range This pulse generator is designed for complex pulse sequences output. It´s used in circuits for electrical, optical, magnetical or acustical material excitation and for resonance effect analysis. Pulse generator is easily controlled by a LCD display with rotary encoders, a terminal program, a windows client or by integration into customer applications. Pulse generator is available as 1-4channel version. All channels are operating independently. Each channel controls 1 electronic switch. Frequency range is from 0.1 Hz to 100 kHz and ~ 3 MHz. Pulse generator is combined to isolated electronic switches and can be connected to a bidirectional isolated sytem bus with external sensors and actors isolated likewise. As an extension for the pulse generator there is a board available (’baseboard’) whose main components are power supply, PLL-signal  amplification, LCD display and system bus connection. Manual download here       Videos here